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The East St. Paul Centennial Committee is asking for your help to make the Centennial year (2016) the greatest and most exciting year in the history of ESP.
After all, a 100 year anniversary only happens once in a lifetime.
Centennial events throughout 2016 will really make a difference and hopefully involve as many organizations and individuals as possible.  There are a number of events already being planned for 106 and are being organized by a number of ESP organizations with some events being led by the Centennial Steering Committee.
Check out the list of events planned so far:  click here
We also have a list of ideas for events.  These came from a number of citizens and other sources. These ideas will not automatically turn into a Centennial event on their own.  We need people and groups to accept the challenge and organize an event.  The Centennial Steering Committee will provide support, guidance and promotional assistance and at times can find some funding through individual and corporate sponsorships.
Accept the Challenge by: 
  • Pick an event from the list (or come up with your own idea)
  • Create an organizing team to begin the planning process
  • Contact the ESP100 Steering Committee events coordinator (Suzanne Ward) at the RM Office (204) 668-8112
  • Meet with Steering Committee to describe your event and proposed dates and location
  • We will offer our support and guidance and begin advertising your event to make sure it is successful
Your events do not have to be massive or expensive to organize.  The desired outcome of any event is to find a way to provide opportunities to promote community spirit and pride.
What you will also find is that the Centennial year is an opportunity to enhance the profile of your organization within the community and if your event raises funds for your future projects, that is also a win situation.

We challenge each of you to get involved, create or organize a Centennial event from the list.  With you help, we can make 2016 a 100 Year Birthday to REMEMBER